Rage Against the Machine fans upset over charity ticket prices, Tom Morello responds.

Among Rage Against the Machine’s initiatives to combat scalpers on their recently-announced tour included an effort that saw the band buy 10% of all tickets themselves, then re-post those for above face value with 100% of the profits going towards charity. That tactic alone has resulted in over $3 million raised for charity as of February 15, according to guitarist Tom Morello.

But many of the band’s fans either did not get the memo about the special charity allotment, don’t understand it, or don’t care, resulting in hundreds of them flocking to social media to direct frustrations for high ticket prices at the band (despite the rest of all tickets on all dates going for $125 flat with no “dynamic pricing” enabled on Ticketmaster).

Morello has been particularly active on Twitter over the past couple of days responding to those fans with clarifications, pointing out that any tickets not listed as “charity ticket” that are selling for above $125 are being sold by scalpers, and that 85% of the tour’s tickets have been kept away from re-sellers.

Source: MetalSucks

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