Seether finish recording new album for 2020 release.

Seether have completed recording sessions for a new album and are looking toward releasing it later this year, according to a scoop from frontman Shaun Morgan. The singer-songwriter and guitarist offered the update during a livestream performance Sunday May 24 via Seether's YouTube page.

The upcoming album will be Seether's first since 2017's Poison the Parish. Seether started work on the new album in 2019 and first proposed a 2020 release around that time. Now, it looks like they'll keep to that projection.

"The new album we just did … is done and basically gonna be, I think, released in August at this point," Morgan offers in the clip. "A lot of it was written over the course of about ten months."

He continues, "There were about 40 to 45 songs in contention for the album. We ended up settling on recording 21 tracks, which is more than we've recorded before. We've whittled down the album to include 13 of those."

Check out the clip below!

Source: Loudwire

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