Has Ozzy Osbourne Joined The 2020 Presidential Race?

The 2020 political race in the United States is now well and truly underway and there's some pretty notable contenders. While the two main rivals appear to be Donald Trump and former vice president Joe Biden, a few others have jumped into the mix!

Kayne West recently revealed that he’d be running for president (despite the fact that he apparently has not filled out the paperwork yet). Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda also joked that he is running for president - but then revealed that he actually just has music on the way.

Another new candidate has popped up – it's the prince of darkness himself! A range of 'Ozzy Osbourne for President' merch has appeared on Osbourne's merch site! The range includes T-shirts, hoodies, bumper stickers and more!

Check out the promotional trailer that has been released:

Want to get your hands on some merch before it sells out? Check out the official merch store by clicking here

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