Slo-mo mosh pit set to 'My heart will go on'.

It's been nearly half a year since we have enjoyed the thrill of the mosh pit. With the return of in-person concerts still uncertain, this slo-mo video of a pit set to Celine Dion's "My Heart Will Go On" is a brutally touching tribute that makes us realize we didn't know just how good we had it before the coronavirus pandemic halted the touring industry.

The hilarious video clip comes courtesy of Twitter account Warped Tour Updates, which is not affiliated with the actual Warped Tour in any official way - it's just a fun-loving, satirical page for Warped lovers to remember the historic touring festival and all it stood for.

Various clips of mosh pit scenes are slowed down for maximum enjoyment of fist-to-face pleasantries and body positive, shirtless men leaping through the air, spin kicks and shadow box punches a go-go.

We never thought we could genuinely miss the threat of taking an elbow to the throat or a blind side kick to the back of the head, but some good, friendly, violent fun (as Exodus describes it) is sorely lacking in our daily lives. The Celine Dion song, which is best known as the enduring hit from the Titanic film, adds a tender touch and fills us with enough spirit that will hopefully see us through to the finish line and the day we can get live concerts (and bruises) back.

Source: Loudwire

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