Metellica's James Hetfield making the most of lockdown

Metallica members are still making the most of 2020 despite touring being off the cards. Frontman James Hetfield explained how he's keeping busy from his home in Colorado - working on what he has described as "tonnes of material."

While having such a large chunk of downtime is very new for some people, it's not a completely new concept for many musicians who work in cycles. Hetfield elaborated "I'm sure there's lots of musicians out there that are just, like, 'Okay, what can I do? I'm gonna write and just get into that,' which I love doing."

Although he is spending a lot of time writing music for Metallica's follow-up to 2016's Hardwired... To Self-Destruct, the musician has also taken time to work on building stronger friendships in his local community and enjoying a lot of outdoor activities.

"We're pretty fortunate here up in the mountains that COVID hasn't really locked us down as much as some other places. And I feel for the people that live in the big cities. But out here, you can still get out, bike ride, raft, fishing, shooting, hunting — whatever it is,"

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