Adesanya remains UFC Champion - Costa Demands Rematch

It was an intense weekend for fighters in the UFC, with New Zealand MMA fighter Israel Adesanya taking on the undefeated Paulo Costa. The Championships being held on Fight Island in Abu Dhabi were intense to watch, especially this headlining fight to name the Champion Middleweight fighter of the UFC.

Born in Nigeria, but fighting for New Zealand, Adesanya went in the ring controlled and focussed on the job at hand; taking down rival Paulo Costa from Brazil. In an epic fight, Adesanya took down Costa in 9 minutes 40 seconds (2 of the 5 rounds of 5 minutes) in a devastating TKO.

Since watching the replay of the fight, Paulo Costa has come back saying he wants a rematch with Adesanya, calling him "human trash" after Adesanya's actions at the end of their fight. He says: "I come here to talk about the actions that the human trash did after our fight," Costa said during a video posted to his Instagram. "I didn't see when I was there [in] the cage but I saw now. I disapprove 100 percent. To me, this is [personal] now. Nobody will stop me. Nobody can stop me."

"I want my rematch. You know I am waiting for you. Something happened before the fight, I'm not [making] excuses here to my people, to my fans but I will be 100 percent to fight him and to make him pay. That's my word. Save my words."

Adesanya simply responded with "I can stop you again :) Dislike"

Unfortunately for Costa, the odds of him getting a rematch are not too great at this time, as it did appear to be quite a one sided fight. He was unable to make points in the ring, barely landing any hits on Adesanya. From the outset Adesanya kept the challenger at a distance and picked him apart with constant kicks hitting clean on Costa's lead leg. At the end of the opening round the outside of Costa's left leg was bright red.

Adesanya now has a long line of top fighters all wanting to take him on and take the championship belt away from him, and he is definitely ready to take them on.

It makes it four UFC title wins for Adesanya, moving him into second all-time, and also second all-time on the longest UFC win streaks with nine.

"The best, and most sophisticated striker in the sport!! Holy f*** that was amazing!! Congrats to the champ!!" UFC commentator Joe Rogan wrote.

Adesanya will now await the winner of an October 24 showdown between Aussie Robert Whittaker and Jared Cannonier. The champ revealed after the fight he had messaged Cannonier telling him to take care of business against the former champ because he wanted to fight him next, not Whittaker.

"I already DM'd Jared Cannonier. He's a hell of a dude. I love his energy. He's a beautiful man," Adesanya said. "I said you destroy Robert Whittaker and you're next. He's the one I want to fight next. He deserves it. If he beats Robert Whittaker handily and dominates him, he's next."

If you missed the fight, or weren't able to watch, here's a quick recap video of the action leading up to, and of course, the fight

Looks like we can expect a lot more action from Adesanya yet!

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