Greatest Drummer of All Time as Decided by Metallica's Lars Ulrich

When I think of rockl I always think of the drummers - all the skill they must have to keep the beat for every song, and the solos!

The longest debate is potentially that of 'who is the greatest drummer of all time'. well Metallica's drummer Lars Ulrich had his own opinions on the controversial topic.

On SiriusXM’s The Howard Stern Show with Howard Stern, he asked Lars who was the greatest drummer, between Led Zepplin's John Bonham or Rush's Neil Peart.

Stern had been arguing the whole week that it was Led Zeppelin’s John Bonham; then Richard Christy, the Stern regular who is, of course, a drummer himself (Death, Charred Walls of the Damned, etc.), weighed in. Christy agreed that Bonham was the greatest, but asserted that he “would put Neil Peart right next to him,” praising the late Rush drummer’s “iconic” solo in “Tom Sawyer.”

Ulrich said "It's f**king hard" saying he's been asked that question on and off for 40 years. Other names included in the discussion were Cream's Ginger Baker, the Who's Keith Moon, Deep Purple's Ian Paice and AC/DC's Phil Rudd.

Ulrich Reflected on the time he met Peart in 1984 because he had some questions about drumming. He said "I was 20 years old with not a pot to piss in. I called him and we spoke for 30, 45 minutes on the phone and were geeking out on drums. The whole thing was like a fairytale. You can't play drums and not love Neil".

Lars Ulrich finally decided who the greatest drummer would be, after a dramatic drumroll he said "Between Neil and between John - no disrespect - I'll have to go with John Bonham". So in the eyes of Metallica's drummer, the call has been made!

Rest in Peace to them both. Check out the full interview below

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