Vinyl Outsells CD's for the First Time Since the 1980's

When I think of Vinyl, I think of my grandparents and our old turntable at home, or those hipster's with a love everything vintage and good music. With how music trends are going right now, it doesn't surprise me that people are reverting back to the artsy Vinyl and record player over CD players.

Could it be that we are going back in time, or could history be truly repeating itself with the current boom of Vinyl? Old trends making their way back into modern times are cool and all, but we just ask that back flares, perms and neon spandex don't make an appearance too...

According to the RIAA's Mid-year report for 2020, Vinyl records have actually made up for more than half of all physical music sales - taking up 62% of the $376 million in physical sales - making it the lead source of tangible listening for the first time in almost forty years.

Vinyl's sales were up in the first quarter, but back down in the second quarter - correlating with Covid and the closure of retail stores. Overall there's been 4% increase in sales for Vinyl.

As a comparison, music streaming has had a 12% increase during the first half of the year. Makes sense when all we could do was sit "alone in the house, in the house bored"..

Billboard also noted that August's 2020 Record Store Day caused a spike in U.S vinyl sales as well - so it will be interesting to see whether Vinyl really does stay ahead of CD sales when the stats come out later in the year.

The Tastemakers album charts list has Metallica's S&M2 album as the fourth highest selling vinyl album at indie and small-chain sores - with Record Store Day yet to come on September 26th and October 24th.

What album would you be buying on vinyl?

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