You've Been Eating your Maccas Fries Wrong - Here's Why

We all love a good maccas run, either on a night out with the lads or a cheat day. But, did you know you've probably been eating your fries wrong?

While some settle for dipping maccas fries in Sundaes and McFlurrys, the classic maccas fries and ketchup is a great way to go! However, instead of pouring that sachet of ketchup all over the top of your fries, or in that leftover burger box - here's the "right" way to eat your fries...

McDonalds have just revealed the correct way to utilise their fries packets to use the ketchup, is to flip down the built in ketchup holder, at the top of the container! We are completely shook!

The "Today Years old" Twitter account revealed the hack, surprising most of its followers, admitting that most of them had never noticed that feature in the packaging! Their caption "Did y'all know the flat on your fries box actually has a purpose?" completely has us surprised!

As well as that, some comments have pointed out that this flap is also designed to act like a lid - so you can close your fries! No more spilt fries all over my car floor!

Whoever said you learn something new every day is completely right - and we're off to get some fries!

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